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October 2014

Experience the glory of the parks in Autumn
•  View fall fruits and foliage in a developing woodland.
•  Ramble through a maritime holly forest.
•  Go stargazing at Floyd Bennett Field or Great Kills.
•  Enjoy harbor views on hikes of the Fort Wadsworth overlook.

Take a look back—and forward
•  Celebrate Veterans Day at Floyd Bennett Field or St. Paul's.
•  Explore historic Fort Tompkins on a lantern tour.
•  Hear urban visionaries discuss plans for a "Lowline" park.

Discover something new
•  Go to a waterfowl workshop.
•  Participate in a surf fishing clinic.
•  Learn about the new birding apps.

Find more to do on the calendar and park activities guide.

Join naturalist and wildlife photographer Don Riepe at the Wildlife Refuge for a waterfowl presentation and hike. 11/16

Spend a day at Sandy Hook practicing surf fishing with American Littoral Society Tagging Director Jeff Dement. 11/22

Honor those who have served our country at Veterans Day events at Floyd Bennett Field or St. Paul's Church. 11/11

The National Parks of New York Harbor Conservancy is working to create on New York Harbor the finest urban waterfront recreation and educational national park system in the world.

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