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July 2014

Holiday activities
•  Kick off the holiday withd a beach campfire
•  Celebrate the 4th with reenactors at Federal Hall or St. Paul's.
•  Follow up with a night of stargazing or a bike tour of Fort Hancock or Jamaica Bay.

Essential summer experiences
•  Venture into the urban outback for a campout.
•  Enjoy arts and entertainment festivals at Governors Island.
•  See competitors vie at the All-Women Lifeguard Tournament.
•  Go on a kayaking excursion at Carnarsie Pier, Floyd Bennett Field or Riis Landing.

Osprey News: C2 has two healthy chicks and our crowdfunding campaign to Keep "Osprey's Journey" Going launches July 8th.

Find more to do on the calendar and park activities guide.

Kick off July 4th with reenactments and a reading of the Declaration of Independence at Federal Hall or St. Paul's. 7/4

Pick up paddling skills or join a kayaking expedition at Canarsie Pier, Floyd Bennett Field or Riis Landing.

See female lifeguard teams compete at Sandy Hook in races, relays, the Ironwoman Challenge and more! 7/30

The National Parks of New York Harbor Conservancy is working to create on New York Harbor the finest urban waterfront recreation and educational national park system in the world.

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