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Hamilton Grange National Memorial



414 West 141st St. (St Nicholas Park), Manhattan.


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Visitor Center open Wednesday-Sunday, 9am-5pm.


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Hamilton Grange National Memorial (NPS), 646-548-2310.


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Hamilton Grange National Memorial

One-time home of Alexander Hamilton in Upper Manhattan

Hamilton Grange is the home of Founding Father Alexander Hamilton. Its current location in St. Nicholas Park is its third site since construction—having first moved in 1889 when the Hamilton estate was sold. An extensive restoration of the house—featured in The New York Times—was complete in 2011, including the reconstruction of long detached porches which give visitors a clearer understanding of the Grange's original elegance.

A visitor center at the ground level includes a small theatre, exhibits and a bookstore and upstairs, visitors are able to explore the original house restored to look as it did during Hamilton's time. National park rangers give tours and host special programs illuminating Hamilton's life and contribution to the birth of the nation. Visitors are also encouraged to linger in the landscaped gardens surrounding the home.

Steve Laise

Listen to the engrossing story by NPS historian Steve Laise of Hamilton's unlikely rise from humble beginnings on the island of Nevis in the Caribbean to Washington's right-hand man and, ultimately, first Secretary of the Treasury.

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Born in the West Indies without wealth or status, Alexander Hamilton became one of the most powerful men in America. As a teenager, he ventured to New York City to attend Kings College (now Columbia University), and was quickly swept up in the passions of the Revolution. As a primary creator of the Federalist Papers, Hamilton's writing contributed to the development of political parties and the emergence of the nation's strong central government. Alexander Hamilton joined President Washington's cabinet as the first U.S. Secretary of the Treasury in 1789. In this role, he created the financial foundation of the United States by forming the national bank and establishing the financial integrity of the young nation. After leaving public office, Hamilton continued to support the Federalist Party and also continued his intense political rivalry with Aaron Burr. Their hostilities ultimately led to the infamous duel between the two men in 1804 which killed Hamilton.

Completed in 1802, Hamilton Grange originally stood a short distance northwest of its present location. It was designed by John McComb, Jr., known more famously as one of the designers of New York's City Hall. Named the Grange after Hamilton's ancestral home in Scotland, the house became a symbol of the affluence and dignity which Hamilton sought throughout his life. It was the only home he ever owned and is a very early example of domestic Federal style architecture. It features an octagonal parlor and dining room as well as an unusual mirrored interior.

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