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Staten Island Children's Museum



1000 Richmond Terrace, Staten Island.


Staten Island Ferry, then the S40/S90 bus from the ferry terminal.

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Tuesday-Friday, 12pm-5pm; Saturday-Sunday, 10am-5pm.


Adults & Children (1+): $6; Members: Free; Grandparents: Free on Wednesday.


The museum provides handicapped parking and makes its exhibits wheelchair accessible whenever possible. For the small portions of the exhibits that are not accessible, parallel activities are available for wheelchair bound visitors. Get more information.


Staten Island Children's Museum, 718-273-2060.


Snug Harbor Cultural Center
Staten Island Botanical Garden
Staten Island Zoo

Staten Island Children's Museum

A great spot for learning and fun for kids of all ages

Located at the Snug Harbor Cultural Center on the edge of the harbor, the Staten Island Children's Museum brings out the explorer and scientist in every child. This beautiful museum is designed for children of all ages—from toddlers to tweens. Home to a variety of exhibits, kids can spend the day testing their imagination and learning about the world around them.

Activities include, donning a bug's exoskeleton and crawling through a human size ant hill to imagine a bug's life. Or for those interested in bigger beasts, the Museum gives children a chance to hear like a cat or learn what it's like to work with a seeing-eye dog. Additionally, anyone can be Marco Polo in the museum's Great Explorations exhibit; where kids can learn about extreme environments, explore a rainforest canopy, dive to the ocean floor, and even ride a dogsled.

Parents can also get involved in the fun by trying their hand at pottery with older children, or join in the perennial favorite; the daily feeding of the museum's animal residents.

Things to Do


Games, animal feedings, interactive exhibits, stories and art. See museum calendar for programs and events.