Junior Ranger Day

Earn Junior Ranger badges on guided hikes and in family friendly activities at the Wildlife Refuge visitor center.

Make Do and Mend

Commemorate Memorial Day at Fort Wadsworth by learning how Americans during World War II, helped the war effort by mending and remaking clothes.

Story Hour: Mont Sec House

Bring children ages 3 to 6 years old to Fort Wadsworth for a story hour at Mont Sec House. Hear tales of spring and of bears, and other critters.

Dots Dots Everywhere

Bring the kids to check out and play 19th and 20th century games and books at Fort Wadsworth.

Workshop: You are Here!

Join artist Everett Curry at Fort Wadsworth for a workshop on the history and geography of the area.

Introduction to Quilting

Join this quilting workshop at Fort Wadsworth and learn how to complete a simple "mugrug" as well as how to use a simple running stitch to sew a square. 

Workshop: Wire Doll Craft

Learn traditional Puerto Rican doll-making at the African Burial Ground from artist Ivelisse Pabon de Landron.

Workshop: African Mask Making

Join Vickie Frémont, artist and anthropologist, for an African mask making workshop at the African Burial Ground.

Animal Origami II

Join an instructional origami session for beginners at the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge, then try your new folding skills. Kids 12+ welcome.

Open House: Toys & Crafts of Yesteryear

Discover the toys  and learn the crafts of 19th century children at Fort Wadsworth's historic Mont Sec House.