Flag Exchange art exhibit at Federal Hall 2017

July 4th Flag Raising Ceremony

Visit Castle Clinton as they raise the flag of the United States in honor of the 4th of July.

Fall Hike and Fort Tour

Hike the overlook loop along the paths at Fort Wadsworth with a park ranger.

Walking Tour: Fort Tilden

Join a park ranger for a walking tour of Fort Tilden’s fortifications, and learn about the fort’s role in defending New York Harbor through two world wars and the Cold War.

Tour Battery Gunnison

Stop by Fort Hancock on this work and training day to chat with the Army Ground Forces Association, dressed in 1943 era coast artillery uniforms, as they restore and interpret Battery Gunnison/New Peck.

New Year's Resolution Walk

Make time for nature and fitness in the New Year. Begin by taking a guided hike that winds its way around the trails at Fort Tilden,

Explore Back Woods at Fort Tilden

Walk the woods with naturalist Mickey Maxwell Cohen to search for signs of winter nature and little-known historic fortifications of World War II. 

Word War II Harbor Defense Lantern Tour

Join the Army Ground Forces Association volunteers for a lantern tour of several seacoast gun batteries.