Native American Remembrance

Honor Native Americans buried at the African Burial Ground with the Red Hawk Native American Arts Council.

Thanksgiving Storytime

Join a park ranger in the Victorian parlor at Mont Sec House to listen to a Victorian Thanksgiving story.
View of St. Paul's churchyard

Roosevelt, Churchill and the Normandy Invasion

Examine the relationship between President Roosevelt and Prime Minister Churchill, at St. Paul's Church with Herman R. Eberhardt, Supervisory Museum Curator, at the F.D.R. Presidential Library.

Fall Hike and Fort Tour

Hike the overlook loop along the paths at Fort Wadsworth with a park ranger.
View of Federal Hall's steps with Civil War reenactors

Evacuation Day: Federal Hall

Mark the 236th anniversary of the British evacuating New York after the Revolutionary War at Federal Hall in a day long celebration.

Celtic Harp Performance

Join Delphine Griffith at St. Paul's Church for a performance of Celtic Harp Music, accompanied by fiddle, including seasonal selections.

Commemorate the Bill of Rights

Mark the 228th anniversary of the adoption of the Bill of Rights at St. Paul's Church.